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Dianabol dosage and courses

Method of application and dosage of Dianabol

Method of application and dosage of Dianabol

For the first 7 days, the athlete should take 20 mg of the drug every day. From the following week, take 3 tablets per day, i.e. 30 mg. Experienced bodybuilders can increase the dose to 50 mg, a person should have a body weight of at least 100 kg. For those who are professionally involved in sports, 100 mg can be taken daily, but the advice of a sports coach or doctor is necessary.

The dose of Dianabol should not exceed 30 mg per day. The course begins with a dose of 10 mg, gradually increasing (within 2-3 days) to 20-30 mg.

In order for the level of hormones in the blood to be as “smooth” as possible, to avoid heartburn and irritation of the digestive tract, the drug should be taken 2-3 times a day, preferably after meals (for example: in the morning – 10 mg, in the afternoon – 10 mg, in the evening – 10 mg or in the morning 20 mg and 10 mg in the afternoon).

The duration of the course is usually 6-8 weeks. Methane being very sensitive to aromatization, it is advisable to connect AIs from the second week of the course (eg Letrozole, Anastrozole). They help reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, minimizing the chances of gynecomastia and eliminating fluid retention in the body.

The dosage range is very diverse, especially for bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters. This range goes from 2 tablets per day to 20 or more tablets per day. Athletes who believe they absolutely should be taking double digit pills a day should consider the interesting and remarkable statement from “Ciba-Geigy” about their drug Dianabol: “The most obvious action endpoint. Dianabol is a increased body weight.There is a direct link between weight gain and height dosage.There does not appear to be a link.

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The authors R. Hekr and X. De Mare point this out in their work “Hormonal regulation and psychophysical predisposition”, which can be read on page 55: “It is not possible to establish a simple interdependence between the dose of the drug ingested and the level of its concentration in the blood”. It goes without saying that the authors no longer want to say that every athlete should only take one 5 milligram tablet per day, but this statement, combined with years of observation, helps athletes find a reasonable individual dose for themselves.

A very good daily dose for an athlete is between 15 and 40 mg per day. The dosage must always be adapted to each athlete. Steroid beginners should never take more than 15-20mg per day. Already with this dose they will be able to achieve excellent results in 8-10 weeks.

Dianabol solo course

Dianabol solo course

Dianabol courses are simple in most cases. The drug is generally used during periods of muscle growth and strength building, when the bodybuilder or athlete is not overly concerned about water retention and swelling.

Therefore, the use of Dianabol is typical of the “off season” period, when bodybuilders strive to achieve the above goals. As a rule, the drug is included in the course, as well as some injectable anabolic steroids, which are often used as one of the variants of testosterone, for example, testosterone enanthate.

The following Dianabol intake schemes that athletes practice are known:

  • “Slide” when taking begins with a minimum dose that increases daily and then decreases again.
  • “Wave” means low or high doses of the drug can be used on different days and weeks.
  • “3+1”. Choosing this scheme, the athlete makes a cycle of steroids for 3 weeks, then takes a break for a week to rest the body, and the intake is repeated according to the same principle.
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With the right intake and proper nutrition, professionals can build up to 15kg of high quality muscle in 5 weeks.

The recommended dose of the drug varies from 2 to 4 tablets taken 2 times a day. The peak concentration of testosterone in the body occurs in the morning and evening between 6:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m., we recommend that you plan your steroid intake at this time. The course of taking methane alone is usually 4, but not more than 6-8 weeks, which is enough for significant results.

With a course of 4-6 weeks, the daily dose is about 30-50 milligrams. For an athlete using Dianabol for the first time, 30-40 milligrams per day is sufficient. This daily dose will result in increased strength and muscle mass with minimal side effects.

However, more knowledgeable users will want to increase the dose of the drug, even though it has a dosage limit, the number of side effects has increased, and muscle mass and strength are no longer increased. This speaks, first of all, of the futility of increasing the dose of the drug taken. Many experienced users rarely exceed the daily dose of 70 to 80 milligrams.

Combining Dianobol and other steroids

Combining Dianobol and other steroids

Dianabol can also be combined with other steroids used in bulking classes. For example, it is quite possible to take Dianabol with Enanthate or Deca-Durabil when following a high calorie diet with a large amount of nutrients necessary for muscle mass. Although almost all newcomers to a Dianabol start “walking”. Dianabol is a steroid that allows you to easily gain muscle mass and achieve a significant increase in strength, in addition it is an affordable drug

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Experienced bodybuilders recommend a combination of Dianobol and Stanozolol for beginners. Such a first course allows beginners to gain 6-10 kg of muscle mass, excess fat will not accumulate there, water will not remain in the body.

The first week of Dianobol with Stanozolol is taken 20mg per day. From 2 to 5 weeks, both drugs are taken at 30 mg.

There is another scheme – Dianobol + Stanozolol + Tamoxifen. It has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantages lie in the overload of the liver, but sportsmen are satisfied with the effect obtained. These funds are withdrawn for 25 days, after which it is necessary to undergo a course of rehabilitation therapy.

  • From day 1 to day 25, first take 4 Dianobol tablets every 4 hours a day.
  • From day 26 to day 50, Stanozolol is taken 4 tablets a day every 4 hours.
  • From day 51 to day 53, post cycle therapy is done with tamoxifen, one tablet in the morning and one in the evening.
  • From day 54 to day 87, tamoxifen is taken 1 tablet in the morning.

A popular combination with the use of Dianobol and Deca. Anabolics last 6 weeks. Dianobol is taken 4 tablets (40 mg) per day and Deca 250 ml in volume is taken once for 7 days. Stanozolol 40mg is used from the 6th week. To reduce the synthesis of the hormone prolactin, which affects the genital area, it is necessary to drink 0.25 mg of Cabergoline every four days after a two-week course.

Dianobol can be combined with Sustanon, Anadrol, Turinabol.

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